The SiteFlash™ Technology

SiteFlash™ provides an integrated, comprehensive solution that allows commercial and non-commercial organizations to present content and products on the World Wide Web.

SiteFlash™ separates the key elements of complex web sites-form, content and functionality-into individual components. This unique ability is patented (U.S. Patents number 6,826,744 & 7,716,629). The software then organizes these components so they can be managed by the people who know them best:

  • Content producers can focus on content without worrying about design or functionality.
  • Programmers can concentrate on functional development rather than content or design modifications.
  • Graphic designers can create style and appearance improvements without dealing with content or programming changes.

 Benefits and differences

This framework offers dramatic advantages over traditional web page production and publishing technologies by making it much easier to modify complex systems such as web sites, and to "mix and match" functionality for specific needs, thereby cutting costs and improving the efficiency of development efforts and online operations. In more details:

  • Lower startup costs: Most application requirements will be met by the base package out-of-the-box and do not need to be built from scratch.
  • Lower maintenance costs: Common application services, design templates, and content are managed in a central repository and may be deployed to hundreds of websites simultaneously. Other web infrastructures are prohibitively expensive for a majority, due to the inherent labor cost involved in replicating, managing, and maintaining advanced feature requirements across a large number of agencies.
  • Ease of use: SiteFlash™ does not require programming knowledge or special programming languages. Content contributors can submit stories, graphics, or information to your website knowing little or no HTML. This content will be edited and approved by managers and SiteFlash™ will then display the content into Web pages according to predefined templates and object tags.
  • Reuse Form, Function and Content (reduces manpower): SiteFlash™ enables you to define objects and templates once and then use them throughout your website. Simple changes that used to take hours can now be accomplished in minutes. Moreover, SiteFlash™ uses databases to hold raw information that can be placed in your pages using objects. You can define different objects to display the same information (or information from the same source) in different ways. The ability to capture data once and reuse it as needed is called dynamic web repurposing (DWR).
  • Single product: Can be run on a single server or a distributed server farm, either within a private intranet or as an external application service, serving the diverse needs of hundreds of entities. This consolidation of services drastically reduces overall costs without sacrificing flexibility.
  • Massive affiliation: Allows for massive replication/syndication of content and application services between coordinating entity and target entity websites.
  • Scalable: Easily scalable from small communities to large metropolitan agencies.
  • Multi-Modal: Intrinsic capabilities for mobile device interaction (e.g. communication between the central website and PDAs or WAP phones).
  • Multi-lingual: UNICODE and DBCS (Double Byte Character Set) compliance and compatibility. Additionally, "true language toggling" is built into SiteFlash™'s solution to take the viewer directly to the corresponding page in their language.
  • Preserve Legacy Investments: SiteFlash™ allows building on previous work with its unique ability to very quickly and easily encapsulate legacy data and systems, and custom programming logic from essentially any source. Because the framework supports arbitrary components, legacy systems can be encapsulated and reused without modification.

 Additional Software Applications

VCSY offers SiteFlash™ as a stand-alone product and also as a technology platform for products targeted at specific vertical markets. The SiteFlash™ technology focuses on content management, e-commerce, and workflow and has led to the development of additional software application products: ResponseFlash™, UniversityFlash™ and NewsFlash™. The target market for NewsFlash™ is the newspapers' industry, UniversityFlash™ is being used in higher education and ResponseFlash™is geared towards Emergency Management.

For more information on ResponseFlash™, please click here.